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Lone Star Photographic Arts  
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Nice to be included! Many more mature bodies of work, of course..
   Robert Langham  Tyler, TX, USA
As long as I have known you, which is a long time, you have loved taking and collecting prints, as you say, "and so it begins." Right on!
   Gilbert G. Wright, IV  San Antonio, TX, USA
The two "A Tests" captured my attention. I'd like to know more about those two photos. Kudos!
   Lana Davis  Austin, TX
I really enjoyed looking at your photos, I like that you are working in B&W and put title information on the work. Let me know when you post new artwork.
   Al Rendon  San Antonio, TX
A good start on the site, Caroline's work reflects a promising artist, good stuff.
   Jerry Lindemann  Bulverde, TX
Nice work Caroline! See ya soon. D.
   Douglas Ennis  Savannah, GA
Caroline Basse has an excellent eye for the way lighting works. The shadows in her work tell a story of their own. Some personal favorites of mine are her self portraits. The landscape photos from Maine are masterpieces.
   Allison Hinson  Savannah, GA
This is a well organized site. I will be sending students to take a look. Best regards in the new year.

Alamo & Costello

   Chester Costello  Chicago, IL
I'll be back.
   TSH  San Antonio, TX
Great! Will look forward to more as they are posted!
   The Pepper Connection  Yours, TX
I love Caroline's work. Do you think you could write about her and how she gets inspiration?
   Dixie Normas  Armadillo, TX
....and so it begins
   E. A. Basse III  San Antonio, TX
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